Creating Healthcare Infrastructure to Stand the Test of Time

Healthcare infrastructure of care delivery is becoming more and more important in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Data insights, technology, payer reform and value-driven risk models are at the forefront of this change and all healthcare providers need to take a considerate and conscientious look at how they deliver care. Physician groups, clinics, hospitals and health systems alike have an opportunity to increase efficiency and effectiveness with a value-based care initiative and the right strategy.

We are currently seeing changes in utilization patterns across the continuum of care. Services that were once exclusively delivered and managed in acute-care hospitals are being provided in outpatient ASCs, community settings, and even in the home. Controlling costs, delivering patient centered care, and creating workflows that function throughout the dynamic challenges within healthcare are now necessities. The longer an organization waits to adapt, the more difficult it will be to transition to value-based care. This can result in long-term including reduced profits as well as less competitive advantage over other providers. Value-based care offers many innovative solutions for healthcare providers, hospitals, and health systems that will not only allow organizations to transition with ease but also properly prepare them for emerging trends.

Technology needs to be an integral part of strategy and execution when it comes to developing a healthcare infrastructure and foundation that is agile for optimal care delivery in the current healthcare environment. Many health systems and hospitals use rigid and outdated methodology for developing solutions within the organization. This ultimately results in a lack of both interoperability and user-friendly patient portals, even after millions of dollars have been allocated and spent. The organizations that have already started to take action by implementing innovative project development strategies in their infrastructure are the leaders of tomorrow’s healthcare industry.

At Expy Health, we continuously utilize feedback from stakeholders and users across the continuum of care by investing in networks of integrated services. We believe in practicing close collaboration with all interested members within an episode of care. New information is available every day, which is why we have processes that allow new data and insights to be incorporated into our iterations and services. Our solution extends far beyond the healthcare setting and into the home of patients as part of our integrated healthcare infrastructure. As value-based care becomes the norm, healthcare providers that are partnered with Expy Health will continue to see results that improve interoperability, patient satisfaction, patient engagement, and their bottom-line.