5 Tips For Recovering From Surgery

If you or a loved one are scheduled for surgery or just recently had an operation, you understand the concerns that arise to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery. Surgery recovering ideally begins before the operation, but if you’re later along in the process you can still use these 5 tips for recovering from surgery.

1. Eat Right

eating healthy recovering from surgery

Eating the right foods after surgery can help you feel more energetic which can help if you feel fatigued. It is common to feel nauseous but you must remember that certain foods will actually help you feel better. Proteins, fibers, and probiotics can boost the immune system and help expedite healing.

It may seem difficult to move around after surgery, but if you are able to and your doctor says it’s okay, make sure to get out of bed a few times a day. Walking around can help you heal faster and get your muscles back into moving the way they’re supposed to. IF you want recovering from surgery to be as quick as possible, you should be as active as you can be without injuring yourself.

2. Get Active

staying active after surgery

3. Follow Instructions For Recovering From Surgery

recovering from surgery instructions

Listening to your doctor seems like a simple task, but often goes overlooked days after surgery. It’s easy to get caught up and forget to do the daily assignments, like physical exercises or taking medications. You can use a tool, like the Expy mobile app, to remind you of your daily activities so that you stay on track and follow all instruction when recovering from surgery. 

Keeping your pain level on the radar can help you identify potential problems with your recovery. If you are in too much pain to keep up with your recovery plan, you put yourself at risk. You can manage your pain by taking prescribed medication and following instructions to recover from surgery. Aim to keep your pain at a tolerable level.

4. Manage Your Pain

post-surgery pain management

5. Treat Your Scar

recovering from surgery scar management

Your doctor should give you instructions on how to treat and manage your scar post-surgery. Generally, wounds heal faster if they remain moist, so try to keep your wound moist if your doctor allows you to. The faster your wound heals, the less chances it has of getting infected. Once healed, make sure to protect your scar from the sun to avoid further discoloration.

If you prepare for your surgery, you make recovering from surgery a lot easier. Getting healthy and being active before can help you recover after. These are 5 tips you can use to help you recover. Make sure to always consult with your doctor. If you’re looking for a tool you can use to help manage your recovery, check out the Expy Health PreHab application personalized for your specific surgery.

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